Another Close Look At Some Great Restaurants In Washington DC

Are you ready for a third round of Washington DC restaurants? I am, and let’s see where we are headed this time around. The last four establishments were really good finds if you ask me, but you never know, these four might top them. Carmine’s on 7th Street NW is one great establishment, and it is known for some delicious Italian food. It appears that the restaurant is housed in an older building, too.

I bet that you can actually find a lot of that in DC. I remember the best restaurant I ate at in NY was housed in an older building, too, what used to be a church. Before we move on to the next restaurant, there is something else you need to know about Carmine’s. One reviewer mentions that he or she ordered one dish that featured such a large portion that it was good for four people. Isn’t that nice to know.

On to Ben’s Chili Bowl, which is located on U Street NW. All you have to do is look for red and yellow. Enjoy a chili dog, chili cheese fries, a chocolate shake and more. That sounds like my type of place. It appears to be a smaller place, but one reviewer says that they went in 60 strong and were fine. Alright, that’s two down and two more to go.

We have to take a look at Lafayette Restaurant. I was just writing about restaurants in Lafayette LA yesterday, so let’s see what this establishment has to offer. Guess what, it’s fine dining. Could you have guessed that? First of all, that makes me think that it has nothing to do with Lafayette LA but is more in tune with French cuisine. Reviewers say that it’s a great brunch spot.

We have time for one more restaurant, and it’s Art and Soul. This establishment is on New Jersey Avenue NW, and I can see that it also features outdoor dining. That’s a nice perk, and menu highlights include friend chicken, cornbread and…wait for it…lemon pancakes. Say what? That’s certainly a unique combination.

Alright, which of the four DC restaurants has your attention the most? I like all four of them, but as I mentioned in a previous article, I’m not one for fine dining. It’s just not my cup of tea. But I would be up for the experience anyway. What about you?

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